Game With Fame

The Ultimate Fan Experience

New to EGW for 2018, Game with Fame provides guest with the opportunity to jump on stage with some of the biggest gaming influencers in the world to fight side-by-side in the most popular games. Participants will be selected at random from the audience, and every player chosen will go home with a collectible t-shirt.

Location: The Main Stage

Bounty Hunter

Big Money, Big Prizes, I Love It

Another new attraction for EGW 2018, Bounty Hunter puts professional esports players and popular influencers against the crowd. Instead of working with our special guests, in Bounty Hunter your job is to eliminate them. Be one of the lucky competitors to take down a top player and you’ll be walking out of the arena with prizes and even cash.

Location: The Main Stage

Pro Vs Joe

Only the Strong Survive

Our most popular event from 2017 is back and bigger than ever. Pro vs Joe will once again use two different gaming structures. In the first format, audience members will be teamed up with a professional gamer to take on another team of audience members, also lead by their own pro. The pros will get 10min to coach their team before the match, and then it’s own. In format two, it’s purely pros vs audience members (Joes), where the Joes must keep the pros from getting a certain score before time runs out.

Location: The Main Stage

Cash Match

Get Rich Quick

We’ve upped the ante for a new year of EGW and are bringing in the big guns, and the big cash!  The EGW “Cash Match” pits two teams against each other in various games and scenarios, and the winner is walking out with a fatter wallet. No prizes, no collectible t-shirt, just cold hard cash in your hand for bringing home the win.

Location: The Main Stage